Are vinyl records awesome?

Are vinyl records awesome?

Vinyl records represent a very important page in music’s history. Are vinyl records awesome? Yes, they are. Find out down below!

8) Great for studying and working

Headphones are certainly very comfortable and practical. They let you tune out of the world and focus on your task. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes we need the entire area to be decorated in a certain sound of music.

How can we do that?                                

Speakers are certainly one way, but when we are working hard, we want the best possible sound to get the best possible results. That is where vinyl records and turntables play a crucial role.

They provide the best audio quality, they fill out the whole room and set up the perfect atmosphere for any possible project you might be working on. Plus you get a neat, short break every time the record stops playing, so you can turn it on the other side or change the record itself.

7) Get to know the whole album, not just the hits

Do you remember when you asked a friend or a stranger about their favorite songs from an artist?

You certainly will have heard an answer which includes the hit songs. There is nothing bad about it but you will notice that other songs of any album tend to fall back.

Why is that?

One of the culprits for this problem is YouTube and any other similar platform. They push the popular songs to the top while some records remain unknown.

Here is a practical example. I was a huge fan of the songs All My Life and Times like These from the Foo Fighters in the One by One album.  Whenever I was asked, I would say I loved the album. I never gave it a proper listen until I bought a vinyl records.

And then it happened. I heard the song Come Back, which to this day, is much dearer to me than the popular ones.

6) Score some extra cool points

Great music taste has always been a great method to school some extra cool points. You know what else can score great cool points? Vinyl records.

The fact that you listen to music in a retro, classy way will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Another plus is that most people have not had a chance to listen to vinyl, so you can always organize a cool party. That is just one example of how helpful vinyl records can be.

5) Higher sound quality

Vinyl records play analogue sound.

What does that mean? In short it means that the sound has not been processed or compress, in hope of adjusting it to electrical machines or easier transfer.

One of the key perks of analogue sound is the fact that it provides HIFI audio, the best possible audio quality you can get. This is why audiophiles are so crazy about vinyl.

People will dispute that the different is not drastic, since formats like mp3 just cut off all the frequencies humans cannot normally hear. Theoretically that is correct, but in practice it is different. You do not have to take my word for it. Feel free to give it a try. Listen to an mp3 of a song and then play it on vinyl. The difference is subtitle but noticeable.

4) Pride of owning a vinyl collection

Being a vinyl collector can be a very rewarding and esteemed title, both to yourself and to others.

First let’s talk about the perks to yourself. You can keep great track of your life with the vinyl records you own. You can sort them out chronologically and see what bands you liked at which period of your life. Then you will be able to reminisce of those times every time you listen the given vinyl record. Always remember, every vinyl story hides within a story of the collector.

Also vinyl enthusiasts think highly of people with similar interests and great collections. Once you meet one, you will have a great chance to talk of your collected records and why you like them.

3) Cheaper prices

Paying for digital subscriptions or online mp3’s can be quite pricey. In some cases you might find vinyl records to be the cheaper alternative.

This principle applies mostly to older records. You might find cheap vinyl records in a garage sale or some online reseller. You never know what you might find you give it a shot. A friend of mine had managed to buy off a whole set of vinyl records, for less than $5, since they had no value to the seller but had tremendous value to my friend, the collector.

Newer records usually sell vinyl for higher prices than MP3 so that is an exclusion to the principle.

2) Examining the artistic style of the authors

The album art used for the album cover is very important cheap cialis online. It represents the visual way the artists chose to show their work. The examination process can be quite interesting.

You can find out more about the band by looking at the type of album cover they chose. Some bands choose simple album covers, while others put more effort into it. Some choose to directly represent what they stand for while others hide secret messages within the art, waiting for the thoughtful mind to examine them.

1) Have one more topic to share with grandparents

Turntables and vinyl records played a crucial role in the past. Many generations, which are now older, have had the opportunity to witness their rise and the highlight of their existence. Vinyl records represent something special to all those people.

You can form a great connection with them by introducing vinyl records and turntables as topics for the conversation. Surely it will be interesting to hear what their favorite records were and maybe you might even find some mutual liking.

Share with us your reasons why you think vinyl records are awesome down below! Also feel free to share this article with your friends and family on social network and help out our site greately!

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