Top 20 Must Have Vinyl Christmas Records 2016

Top 20 Must Have Vinyl Christmas Records 2016

Here are 20 of the top Christmas records that we recommend be part of your Christmas time collection. They are timeless records, and this list is admittedly a biased one. Please enjoy comparing this with your favorite Christmas time records. Christmas and holiday music are an essential part of our childhood and our children’s childhood

A Charlie Brown Christmas by Vince Guaraldi Trio

Making the top of our Christmas records list. Any Christmas or Holiday music collection would not be whole without this record. Thinking back to my adolescence when we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas tv special that played during the holidays, I fondly recollect the tender feeling that Vince Guaraldi’s compositions ingrained in me while viewing that TV special.  You can not help but forget yourself in the indulgent freedom revealed in this piece, similar to how the Peanuts roles in Charlie Brown Christmas, skate so freely, smoothly and gracefully on the frozen pond in the primitive grayness of wintertime.

If you grew up listening to the Peanuts during the Holidays, this record would take you back to that time and place in your adolescence.

Noel by Josh Groban

Taking the 2nd slot in our Christmas records lists. As expected, Josh is magnificent, and I love this LP!  Having admired Josh Groban since the first time I ever heard him. It was sad to see “O Holy Night” was not included on the record it one of my favorite Christmas tunes. Also, I wish he had sung “The First Noel” by himself it would have been a better rendition. This is a must have LP for any Josh Groban fan! Enjoy it this Holiday season.


A Very She & Him Christmas by She & Him

Hitting the third spot in our Christmas records list. I have just newly discovered Zooey Deschanel and when I listened to this Christmas LP. This record took me surprise and I love it!

The WWII era shares some resemblances to life right now. This music has captured the soul of that time with an impressive quality — but it is not broody or depressed. Both the artist and the album demonstrate an ability to live in a way that was real and enjoy what they did have, however, little it may have been.

It is apparent that Zooey loves to sing and with this album, she captures the mood of the post-WWII period while sounding delightfully whimsical at the same time. You will enjoy this Christmas Album for many years to come.

Christmas by Michael Bublé

We are all googly eyed sending Michael Bublé in the 4th spot of our Christmas records list. On this record, Michael along with guests the Puppini Sisters, Thalia, and Shania Twain, this Christmas record is what we have come to demand from Michael. It is a mix of easy listening music, but roaming towards jazz in other songs, especially when the Puppini sisters join in with him.

The real wonder to me was the embodiment of Santa Baby; I do not recall ever hearing a male rendition of this song before. Michael intelligently adapts the verses to sing Santa Buddy, and it works well with that adjustment.

During his rendition of Silent Night, Michael is magnificently supported by a choir of children. Being one the most popular Christmas song in the world, and it is hard to do a different version while keeping the feeling of the song.  Michael put in another fine performance on Blue Christmas, recovering the soul of Elvis in his way, but also jazzing it up.

This record is an outstanding Christmas LP to add to your collection, with plenty of well-known songs but enough variation to keep it enjoyable.

Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby

Bing Marks the fifth spot in our Christmas records list. What can be said? Bing puts the Merry into this Merry Christmas record. It has his signature Christmas song; White Christmas. Also on this album Adeste Fideles, sung in Latin and English; and Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) with the Andrews Sisters. This a great album to add to any Christmas collection. Merry Christmas by Bing Crosby gets the 5th spot in our top 20 list of Christmas albums!

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

This classic sang its way to 6th on our Christmas records list. One of the most impressive collections of Chrismas lyrics that I have ever heard. This album can put you in a holiday time mood as soon as you hear him start to sing. You can listen to this album again and again and never tire of hearing it. I profoundly recommend this album to anyone who appreciates good Christmas music. It is probably one of the best pieces of Christmas music from its time. I give this LP my heartfelt recommendation.

December by George Winston

And in 7th! This album is notably my favorite George Winston. Recorded while “new age” music was barely rising nineteen years ago and Windham Hill was an innovative artists’ label, this is one of a few albums that show just how great the music was when artists had increased control of what went on their albums. A genuine classic in the genres of new age music and holiday time records. George Winston is an incredible piano player. His playing has a careful touch, enduring emotional texture, and a style that grows on you. I believe this is his best work produced, I highly recommend it, especially if you love classical, piano, and instrumental music.

An incredible album, and I give it my highest recommendation!

A Jolly Christmas by Frank Sinatra

Frank’s Jolly Christmas LP smiled his way into 8th spot on our Christmas records list.  Since 1957 how many more times do you think the songs “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” or “Jingle Bells,”  have played before they sounded repetitive?  But the fantastic results heard here articulate to the staying power of these songs. This music is every bit as refreshing as a breeze of cold Christmas air. This is a great album in every sense. There is not a single throw-away here. “Mistletoe and Holly” and “Christmas Waltz” are two of my favorites since are barely known songs. This record has been an enormous part of my family’s Christmas, and I know it will bring pleasant memories to you and yours.

That Christmas Feeling by Glen Campbell

Our gut feeling put Glen Campbell in 9th place on our Christmas records list, These songs remind me of decorating the tree with my family and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus. I remember listening to this album and gazing through a frosted window in our living room watching the snow fall outside and looking up into the night for a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh.

This album brings significance to Christmas. Notably “Christmas is for Children” and Little Toy Trains” are tunes that young and old can appreciate for years to come. Everybody can relate to “It Must Be Getting Close To Christmas” as a child and an adult. I very much recommend this album to everyone who enjoys a classic Holiday album that sounds as contemporary today as it did thirty years ago!

Christmas Extraordinaire by Mannheim Steamroller

Steamrolling right into tenth on our Christmas records list.This record is a mix of the old and the new at its greatest; jazz, classical, new age, and folk, all formed into a tasteful Christmas vinyl record.

The song “Hallelujah” is breathtaking! Their versions of ‘Do You Hear what I Hear,’ ‘Away in A Manger,’ and my most favorite: ‘Faeries.’

If you appreciate lovely holiday instrumentals, well played in light and uplifting compositions, then you are sure to love this record. Highly recommend!

Elvis’ Christmas Album by Elvis Presley

The King of Rock n’ Roll swings into 11th on our Christmas records list, Elvis has an incredible, deep voice that took him way beyond the label as the King of Rock and Roll. The Christmas holiday season was Elvis’ favorite time of the year, and his preferred kind of music was Gospel. Therefore, this album is the best of Elvis’ most cherished music. The songs on this record, from the low-down blues harmonies of “Santa Claus, is Back in Town” to the solemn “Peace In the Valley” are superbly executed by Elvis as well as wonderfully produced.

Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

Gotta love Mariah captures our hearts and the 12th spot on our Christmas records list. When it comes to traditional celebratory albums, Mariah’s 1994 “Merry Christmas” is unquestionably one of the greatest that happen to come to mind. Where you have an excellent collection of joyful masterpieces as well as some fresh cuts, beautifully produced and performed in the innovative old-fashioned manner, with Mariah’s beautiful voice showing to be the accurate instrument for those brand songs she is most loved for, as well as for these favorite numbers. “All I Want for Christmas is You” is a Christmas time classic, undoubtedly one of the most popular Christmas songs ever. However, “O Holy Night,” is also magnificent, just matching her version of “Silent Night,” and the sad rendition of  “Miss you most.” Various artists have consequently presented celebratory albums. However, Mariah’s happy, jolly, a little sad too, a blossoming zeal is a sure winner.

A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector by Various Artist

Making the infamous 13th spot in our Christmas records list. The legendary Phil Spector hit his peak when he produced this Christmas classic in 1963. The compositions found here have been reproduced again and again throughout the years by less artistically talented producers, and no one comes even close.

One of the best recordings on this album is those by the Ronettes, especially the song “Sleigh Ride.” Ronnie has a playful, almost innocent voice, and presents itself well to the melodies of Christmas songs than anybody I have ever heard.

If Ronnie achieves the merry, youthful side of Christmas, thenDarlene Love with her commanding alto captures the warm and sensitive side. The first recording of ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ drove home the heartache of being alone at Christmas, while “White Christmas” holds the yearning we all have for those Christmases of our childhood.

This album is eternally fresh, perpetually young and will always be one of my favorites!

The Andy Williams Christmas Album by Andy Williams

And 14th is Mr. Andy Williams. There are two sides to this album this classic album; side one implores the worldly fun of the Christmas holidays while side two commits itself to the carols of the season. What this mostly for the modern listener is an amazing musical experience that is full of pleasures.

The first song on the record is a calming performance of “White Christmas,” which is softer than Bing Crosby’s and was an excellent way to start the album. From there, “Happy Holiday; The Holiday Season” reveals what Andy will be favoring some playful and swinging songs as the tracks advance. This track, in particular, was so great that the Manhattan Transfer replicated it on of their Christmas LP thirty years later. The timeless classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was introduced here, which helps clarify why his version of the song is still the authoritative one.

Andy’s renditions of some most-loved Christmas songs are also beautiful, with his versions of “Silent Night” and “The fFrst Noel” being amongst the loveliest recordings.  A must have album!

Adore: Christmas Songs Of Worship by Chris Tomlin

Adorning our 15th slot on our Christmas records list. What a lovely record! Filled with Christmastime songs both modern and traditional, this holiday classic will fill your home, church or car with astonishing, anointed music about our Christ’s birth. Chris’ voice is as fluid as ever, and the fellow vocalists are at the peak of their game delivering this record, making it one to pull out time after time. I honestly like that he sang these Holiday classics while still staying faithful to the originals,  his version made these songs even better.  I think my favorite song is Adore and only when he got to the chorus did I understand this was a version of the hymn “Oh Come Let us Adore Him.” The song ‘Adore’ is a necessity for his fans, and if you aren’t one yet, this song will make you one!

Wrapped In Red by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly slides into the 16th spot in our Christmas records list. I’ve always thought Kelly Clarkson’s voice would be ideal for Christmas tunes, so I was hugely excited and hopeful when I found out that she was coming out with a Christmas album. There is a good mix of the new and traditional classic, as well as upbeat lyrics and slower more melodic songs. All in all, I’d say this is the classy and eloquent album that she is recognized to produce. This is a limited colored vinyl LP pressing. The album features brand new instant classics such as the first single, ‘Underneath the Tree’ and title track, ‘Wrapped in Red’ as well as Christmas favorites, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, ‘Blue Christmas’, ‘Run Run Rudolph’, ‘Please Come Home for Christmas’ and many more!

James Taylor At Christmas by James Taylor

Smoothing his way into the 17th spot of our Christmas records list. James Taylor’s sound is in top form on this Christmas album. The LP boasts an outstanding mix of classical and moderately formal holiday songs sprinkled with more merry, upbeat pop songs. The effect is a sheer pleasure to almost anybody’s ears, and one time listening to this record will confirm it.

The album starts off elegantly with a whimsical and sincere interpretation of the Christmas song “Winter Wonderland”  including Chris Botti performing on the trumpet while James’s voice oozes that warm kindness that makes him sound like he is physically in your presence and singing just to you!. The last track of the record is a classic version of the celebrated song ‘Auld Lang Syne.’  This record will affect the hearts of many in ways only his music could.

Christmas Songs by Diana Krall

In the 18th spot of our Christmas records list. Various Christmas songs by Diana have popped up over the last decade, but this is her first complete Christmas record.  Some are fans of her later albums, while others missed her earlier ventures into the pop and jazz standards.

This record will reach many newcomers and soon to be fans. Considerably unique for modern Christmas albums is the absence of any efforts to record a new classic; it does not include any personally-penned tunes on this record. Songs on the LP are Christmas season’s most played classics. The sound of Diana Krall’s voice brings a fresh feeling to them.

A Christmas Album by Amy Grant

In the 19th spot of our Christmas records list. The expanse of this record is set in the first three tracks: ‘Tennessee Christmas,’ the opening song co-written by Grant, followed by the legendary Mendelssohn hymn ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,’ and then the song “Preiset Dem König(Praise The King)”  Amy is as a Christian vocalist and has won a Grammy in gospel singing.This most likely explains this wonderfully grand album.

The other unique songs on this album blend in just perfectly with the modern Christmas classics. Amy Grant has pulled out all the stops in “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.”. Leading these extraordinary songs, she leads into the finale with songs that are more peaceful making it a more compelling completion of this album. If you don’t own this record yet, now is the time to add it to your record collection.

Wishes You A Swinging Christmas by Ella Fitzgerald 

Coming in last but not least in the 20th slot of our Christmas records list. I love the songs on this LP! Only one song on the album (on side 2) that I do not like. Other than that one song, this album is a gift to your ears, Ella’s vocals are one-of-a-kind. The whole album is a very cheerful, upbeat recording, one I always spin on the turntable during the holidays. If you do not get this edition, grab the CD, it’s that delightful!

Share with us your favorite Christmas records!

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