Top 10 headsets you can buy for less than $40

Top 10 headsets you can buy for less than $40

Headsets have become essential in the modern times. Everywhere you go there is a lot of noise. It is very difficult to avoid it.

Here is an example. When you are driving, the sound of cars, crowds can be really annoying, especially during traffic jams. Sometimes even the car speaker cannot cover the exterior noise. This is where headsets come in handy. They not only cancel the noise but they also let you listen to whatever you want.

Same goes for work. Different people feel more creative and productive with different music. If everyone played their music there would just a lot of confusing sounds. With headphones you can maximize your work efficiency and make work more entertaining. Why be the victim of unwanted sounds? The magic of the twenty first century and the digital world is that you have access to most of your files, including music. You can listen to what you want, when you want to but before you can do that, you need a good headset.

It might seem ridiculous to say this but you need to understand that headphones are portable equipment. Portable equipment is very prone to damage. Here are two example of what I mean by this:

My friend bought a $100 headset. It had all the right specs, it had amazing design and was awesome. He was so happy and he used the headset every day. One day when he was leaving the tram, someone bumped into him and his headset fell on the track. He tried to pick them up but another tram was coming quickly. Helplessly, he watched his new headset get torn into pieces. He spent most of his money on the headset and now did not have money to even buy a cheap pair.

On the other hand I always preferred earphones. I bought also a pair for $25 and thought I passed better than my friend. Two weeks later I lost them. I buy another pair, this time for $30. One month later and the cable gets accidentally ripped from the headphone. The story with earphones always went this way. I either lost them, accidentally damaged them or simply waited until they stopped working naturally. That is when I came to these conclusions:


  • Earphones can be easily lost. A headset on the other hand cannot.
  • Buying expensive headsets or ear phones is never a good idea.
  • Portable devices are easily damaged.

It is always better to buy many cheaper headsets rather than single expensive ones.

Down below you can find the top 10 quality headsets which you can buy for under $20.

10) On the tenth place we have the 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Mic Microphone for PC Computer Laptop.  The model has the classic design and is great for listening to music, gaming and general computer and smartphone use. The headset integrated mic with super noise-reduction function, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise.

9) Sound Intone P6 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Over-ear Foldable Portable Music Bass Wireless Headsets  is on the ninth spot. This model is a Bluetooth connected wireless headset. It has improved noise reduction and is perfect for listening to music and other leisure time activities. The speakers use CVC 6.0 broadband noise reduction technology to provide high clarity sound, and can play music for up to 6 hours (standby time 30 hours) with its 300MA explosion-proof polymer rechargeable battery. The noise reduction technology ensures that high quality clear music reaches your soul without any interference. The rechargeable battery can be easily charged through the micro USB port and gets fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

8) Sgin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Noise Cancelling On Ear Headset Stereo are compatible with smartphone devices. Integrated CSR audio technology ensures clear voice, distortion rate is only 0.01%. Voice call settings, so you have a similar feeling of face to face conversation.

7) On the seventh spot we have the KOTION EACH G4000 Stereo 3.5mm Plug Gaming Headset.  Perfect for listening to music and relaxation. Excellent sound and mic quality. One thing to mention though is that the USB is only for the lights. To get sound you need to plug in the audio jack.

6) On the sixth spot we have the GuDenns Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset Wired Headphone with Adjustable Headband and Microphone Mic USB and 3.5mm Audio Connector LED with Mic for PC. Comfortable cushion design-the headband is nicely and softly padded to make it comfortable to wear even after long period of gaming, the memory foam ear cushion is designed for ergonomic fit while keeping out ambient noise.

5) Bluespider@ Pc Gaming Headset with Mic LED Surround Stereo Bass Headband Headphone USB 3.5mm Primary kind of gaming headset, perfect for playing games, listening music, etc. Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfort. Delivers clear sound and Deep Bass for Real Game.

4) Teastar Wired USB 3.5mm Gaming Headphone Stereo Surround Bass Over Ear Headband Game Headset High quality stereo effect,you can jam to the beat of own music with Archers. High definition stereo headphones Gaming provides more exact and natural sound. Over ear noise isolation pads: The closed protein ear cushion blacks noise in almost any environment for better guaranteed comfort. gives better enjoying feeling no matter playing music, movie or game.Tilting Mic omnidirectional with retractable arm.

3) The ECOOPRO Stereo Gaming Headset with Microphone – 3.5mm Over Ear Headphones with LED Lights & In-line Volume Control for PS4, PC, MAC and Mobile phones. Please note this headset is not USB headset, the USB interface is only for power supply for LED lights. Lightweight design and soft leather ear cups with 90 degree swivel for maximum comfort and a personalized fit. Reduces background noise for clear voice pick up and rotates up and out of the way.

2) On the number two spot we got the Winke 3.5mm HIFI Driver 7.1 USB Stereo Noise Cancelling Headphones The microphone is flexible for exact positioning and can ensure smooth communication with others. he high quality head beam more elastic,and can reduce the head pressure,guarantee longtime comfortable wearing.

1) Findway® 3.5mm Stereo Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset This headset delivers clear sound and Deep Bass for Real Game. Flexible microphone for exact positioning, and mic with great sensitivity at picking up sounds, your partner can hear your words clearly. The LED lights are designed on the ear cups, make it look more fashionable and stunning.

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