Top 5 Stereo Systems for Your Home

Top 5 Stereo Systems for Your Home

Stereo systems play a crucial role in the household. Nowadays more and more people are buying headsets and tuning out of the world. Once they put on the headset, they miss out on so much. Here is a list of the Top 5 stereo systems you can buy for your home.

Of course, it would be hectic without headsets. If everyone listened to what they want out loud, there would be a huge mix up and no one could hear a thing. Does that really mean that we should not use stereo systems? Does that mean that the already traditional activity of watching series or movies should be only for cinemas with people or alone with a headset? Does this mean that we cannot be loud anywhere, but always listen privately and secretly?

Stereo systems represent a crucial part in the development of television. Rather than going to a movie with hundreds of people, you can have the great experience at home. With stereo systems, you can join the movie or TV series as if you are actually there. By adjusting the position of the speakers, you can have sound coming from every direction, placing you at the center of the plot. Is it not better to watch a horror movie with your friends and get the full package? Is it not better to watch a comedy with your family on the couch and enjoy it, just as if you were in the cinema?

In my opinion stereo systems are a must for every living room. It is the place where you can be loud, where you can play your music, play video-games and enjoy the wonders of television. Music professionals spend hours making sure that their product has music which will make you like the product even more. Why deteriorate their hard work with headsets, cheap speakers or the basic TV integrated speakers?

You and your friends deserve to get the full experience. There are many audio systems. Cheaper audio systems will bring diminished audio quality. Expensive ones might have some features which might not be useful for you. Down below you can find the Top 5 Stereo Systems for Your Home and get the stereo system you deserve.

Here are the top 5 stereo systems

5) Q Acoustics 2020i 

At first sight, it might seem very simple and not worth your time but there is much information hiding about this model. This HI-FI audio system is destined to transform your usual TV sound for the better. The speakers can be connected via Wi-Fi so you do not have to worry about any cables. The old fashioned design deceives the complexity of the stereo system. The Q Acoustics 2020i delivers an imposing sound which very easy to regulate. The stereo system also comes with a remote, thus enabling higher usability. This simple to use stereo system comes quite cheap, compared to others.

4) On the fourth place is the Bluesound Pulse HI-RES music system. As the name suggests this model was made specifically to be fit into many different rooms. This model stands out from the rest because, like previously mentioned, it specializes in multi-room stereo sound. If you want music to fill out your home, you should definitely get this stereo system. The model can be suitable for movies and series but not as well as the others. Against for the ambient sounds and high-quality music in your house, this model does a perfect job.

3) On the third spot, we have the JBL Cinema 510 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System. This model is perfect for smaller living rooms. With the 200 W of power, this model can deliver the sound of outstanding quality. Numerous speakers come with this model, and they are connected with Wi-Fi. The model comes in three colors, black, red and white. The model is perfect for watching high-quality movies. The mix of various speakers brings you into the moment and makes sure you get the full experience.  This model is amazing and would surely be a great addition to your living room.

2) Monitor Audio WS100 is on the second spot. This stereo system is very pricey. It comes at around $400. The model, which comes as a 5.1 speaker package, comes with four speakers and the main center. The model has a magnificent design and is only made out of the finest materials. The stereo system, which has a 200 W amp, is very strong and might not exactly be for a small living room. The Monitor Audio WS100 comes in three colors, black, white and walnut. This stereo is perfect for movies and music. The quality of sound is described as sensational and makes this stereo system highly impressive.

1) On the first spot is the infamous Naim Mu-so stereo system, which comes at about $1,499. This speaker system, which comes with numerous wireless speakers, creates the perfect Hi-Fi experience. This audio system was specifically designed for exclusive customers. The sleek and futuristic design make this model extremely attractive. The model Mu-so, which was manufactured by Naim, is said to bring the best possible sound. The case was built out of brushed aluminum and can be customized to the desired shade (orange, blue and red). Apart from having an innovative design, this model has proven to be revolutionary in many other ways. Even the smallest details have been pushed to perfection. Although the stereo system comes with a remote control, the touchscreen proves to be very useful and attractive. This 450 W stereo system can connect to devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB… There is only one word which can describe the sound of this stereo and it is extravagant.


Hopefully, you have found a speaker system you like. Using stereo system can make a drastic change to the enjoyment of movies, music… You definitely won’t make a mistake by buying a high-quality stereo system.

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